Minutes of BASKL Board Meeting
Minutes of BASKL Board Meeting
April 4, l998
Meeting called to order by Chuck Sigal at 9:35 am. Members in attendance:
Chuck Sigal President
Darrin Skinner Vice President
Michael Weingand Treasurer
Lori Morrison Secretary
Zoe Salloom Planning
Brian Champie Event
Kobi Eshun Festivals
Tom McAlister Field
Not in attendance: Tracy Erzin, Rules and Scoring

 Chuck asked for any additions to the agenda.
Minutes of the last meeting were approved by the board. Lori will make sure
Zoe has a copy to post on the BASKL webpage.

President - Chuck expressed concern at the late arrival of board members
to setup for the Berkeley event. We need to be on time and be able to get the
setup completed early so we can start the event on time. He also wanted to
commend everyone at the event for their willingness to push through the rain
and pull off the event. No one ever brought up calling it quits because of
the rain. Competitors and judges were ready and did what they needed to.
We need someone to write up something on the event to send to AKM. It
was suggested that someone with a good sense of humor should write the
article. Brian consented to do it with Zoe’s help if needed.
We took in $377.29 at the Berkeley BASKL event in March. Chuck asked if
we could do a better breakdown of where the money is spent to track what is
making the money. We need to keep track of the tee-shirts, rulebooks, raffle
tickets, Friends of BASKL, and anything else we take in money for. We have a
current balance in our account of $3579.54.

 Vice President - Darrin added his commendation to everyone along with

 Treasurer - Michael was pleased to announce that his travel workload has
been reduced and he has more time to devote to his BASKL position. He would
probably be able to take over the Sponsor area in a couple weeks. Tom has
been filling in temporarily. He has handled the raffles for the first couple
events. He recommended focusing on holding out some of our better money
makers for the raffle at the West Coast Stunt Kite Championships in July since
it is our best location for raffle sales. Tom is still working out a meeting
with Dan Whitney for a full transfer of sponsor information.
It was suggested that we could generate a letter requesting a donation to
become a Friend of BASKL. It has worked in the past. Perhaps the webpage
would be a good place to advertise for this. Tom offered a vintage Berkeley
Kite Festival pin to those who become a Friend of BASKL. It was requested
that we continue having an item in the raffle for Friends of BASKL only.
Everyone agreed.

 Secretary - At the last event Lori had a form to tell us your favorite
place to fly. It got absolutely no response. Someone suggested a form with a
list to just check your favorite places to fly. It makes it much easier to do
and people might be willing to check a box. Lori is still working on a list
of places to fly in the Bay Area to put in our BASKL information packet.
Everyone helped make the list as comprehensive as possible. The board agreed
that we should list the BASKL sponsors for places to buy kites and other
related item. Lori will have a packet ready for the San Ramon festival.

 Planning - Zoe reported that all our dates are set for the season. The
insurance forms came from the AKA for the upcoming events. She will make up a
flyer to hand out about the date change of the June event. Zoe also said she
will not be here for the May event in Martinez.

Event - Brian expressed his disappointment at the lack of willingness to
judge at the last event. The board committed to being available as much as
possible to lead the way for all to be willing to judge. His sister Sharon
volunteered to help out by setting up clipboards.
After doing quad precision for the first time, it was suggested that
standard style would be easier than league-style for this event. They were
pleased with running the two (ballet and precision) at the same time in Quad.

 Darrin said that he got a request from Gordon Osterland to be on our
mailing list. He would like a schedule of our events. The Sundowners would
like to come, if not all, than some of the team. An informal invitation was
extended at that time for the Sundowners to demo at any of our events. The
board agreed that we would like to see them demo at the events they can come

Tom made a motion that we send a formal letter to the Sundowners to come and
demo at BASKL events. The board felt that an invitation had been extended
already and that was enough. There was no second to the motion.

 Festivals - Kobi has shadow judging materials ready for the next event.
As long as weather permits we'll try again at the next event in Sunnyvale.
He will have a letter out to the AKA soon explaining or policy to pay the
sanctioning fees for all our events in the spirit of the idea that we are
holding more than a club fun fly and should pay for the sanctioning of our

 Rules and Scoring - Tracy was not in attendance, but she arranged for Lee
Thrall to take over the data entry at the next event in her absence. Lee
began training at our judging seminar and at the Berkeley event.

 Field - Tom asked what we needed in field set-up equipment. It was
established that one of the winders was in bad shape. We also need more tent
stakes for the Ops tent. Michael and Deanna said they could buy these items
for the next event. Darrin said we should probably purchase new batteries for
the stopwatches. We also need to replace the streamers on the field setup
ropes. Lori said she could do that. We still have tape left over.

 · Chuck moved that BASKL purchase one or two wind meters. It was seconded by
Zoe. It was suggested that we look to see if any manufacturers would donate
one or two to us. A maximum budget of $150 was added to the motion. The
motion passed.

 Old Business

 Tom brought up the possibility of purchasing some Motorola walkie talkies
that he showed the board. They were half the price of those we have seen used
in the past, and have enough range for our purposes.

Darrin moved that we budget $325 for the purchase of walkie talkies. It was
seconded by Michael. In discussion of this expenditure, we looked at our
funds and projected costs for the year for trophies and awards. We would not
have enough for a trailer this year. The board felt that the existing trailer
as good for this year. The purchase of the walkie talkies was a good one and
we would have time to test them at our next event and still take them back if
they did not suit our needs. The motion carried.
Darrin next moved to make a purchase of four walkie talkies to test at the
Baylands event. The motion was seconded by Brian and passed by the board.

 New Business

 Tom brought to the attention of the board a proposal being set before the
Berkeley City Council to turn a portion of the Caesar Chavez park into an off-
leash dog area. The proposal calls for 17 acres in the northern portion of
the park to be set aside for an off-leash area for dogs. It would have a hay
bale every 25 feet and signs for the boundary to this area. Many people feel
that this is not enough to keep the dogs in that designated area. Tom asked
that anyone opposed to this idea please come to a meeting, Wednesday, April 8,
at the Senior Center in Berkeley, at 7:00 pm. Each of us should sign up to
address the council to express our concerns. There would be two additional
meetings coming up that will also discuss this idea before the council votes.

 Brian and Zoe are in charge of the San Ramon Art and Wind Festival on
Memorial weekend. They asked that BASKL lend its support to this event along
side NCKC. We could have a booth to hand out information. Brian asked if the
BASKL sound system could be made available to them for this event. Our policy
is that a payment or some other arrangement to generate funds is required.
They felt this could be arranged. It was again brought up that BASKL does not
have a banner. Darrin suggested that we contact Ron Gibian on this matter.

 Chuck moved that BASKL provide its sound system and one field setup in
return for the privilege of setting up a booth and running a raffle. It was
seconded by Darrin. The motion carried.

 Golden Gate Challenge was still not for sure. We are hoping for the
beach to return. Any other ideas for a location would be welcome.

 Chuck set the next meeting for May 2, at the Radisson at 9:00 am, the
meeting to start at 9:30. All agreed. The meeting was adjourned.

 · At the close of the Baylands event, Chuck called the board together to
discuss the results of the use of walkie talkies. All were happy with the
performance of the ones we purchased and voted to keep them.

March 7, l998
Meeting called to order by Chuck Sigal at 11:05 am. All members in attendance, Michael via speaker phone in Michigan. Chuck made an addition to the agenda to discuss our policy made in the previous meeting to pay $25 per event to the AKA. Other additions were made at this time. The minutes of the last meeting were sent out to all board members prior to the meeting. A motion was made to accept the minutes as written and seconded. The minutes were approved.

President - Chuck reported that all plaques for the '97 BASKL awards were finished and would be at Highline Kites to be picked up by those still waiting for them. Vice-President - Darrin reported that Susie deposited $2949.00 from the cash into our account leaving approximately $40 of petty cash for our first event. This deposit brought our account balance to $3392.25. We have been banking with Great Western Bank with no service fees because of our not for profit status. It will be taken over and become Western Mutual. When this occurs we will have to approach them again to waive the service charges at that time. New signature cards have not yet been completed.

 Treasurer - Michael was pleased that things were moving along to reconcile our books. Chuck is looking over the account and putting it into Quicken so we can keep better track of our funds and where everything is going at all times.
Under the Treasurer, the Ways and Means Committee is temporarily being headed by Tom McAlister. He reported that the bad news is that we are not nearly as far along with this as in the past but the good news is we have many returning sponsors and a pile of merchandise donated by Craig's Kites. Tom said he will make sure that we have items to raffle at the first event in Berkeley on March 21. Zoe said she will run the raffle and make sure we have raffle tickets. Tom has not yet been able to meet with Dan Whitney and Tia Williams to make the full handoff of sponsorship information. We look for that to go forward in this area soon. He has some creative ideas on other sponsorships and possibly securing pins for BASKL.

 Secretary - Lori is working on a directory update of BASKL participants. She will be asking for members to review the information she has and hopefully get a better list including e-mail for those who have it. She will also be asking for input on favorite flying places and other things to include in a packet for interested newcomers.

Planning - Zoe needs a check for $125 for the East Bay Regional Parks and a check for $60 for Sunnyvale Bayland County Park to secure our reservations. She also received the forms showing insurance from the AKA to cover our events. She gave the form for our first event in Berkeley to Chuck in case she has any problems getting there from Chico. We will be sure to have it at the event.
She gave an update on the indoor fly at the Mall in Chico. They were very impressed and would like to make it a yearly event.
Zoe has updated the web page and asked for any suggestions of things to be added. Just contact her and let her know. Great job, Zoe. Event - With the decision to include quadline precision in our event schedule, there was much discussion on how to do that and how or if it should be included in the individual points used to determine a Grand Champion. There was some disagreement on whether we would run the precision at the same time as the ballet or make it a separate event.

 There was concern on how to administer it if it was done all at once. Perhaps it would make scoring and using the proper forms confusing. Kobi said he will personally take on this event and make sure things go well.
Kobi and Brian are working on this and will make final decisions on this and if it will be done league-style or standard. Brian reports we have a new generator. There was an offer for a cart to transport the generator for a cost of $50. The board felt it was not too large to carry and we would not make the expenditure for a cart. Chuck suggested a sound baffling system would be more advantageous.
The consensus was that the Judging Seminar went great. Big thanks to Brian and Kobi. We got a number of interesting comments from the questionnaire. We sent out a mailing to past competitiors about the seminar and our schedule of events. We still got some comments that people don't know when we are doing things. It was suggested that we should post a schedule at Highline Kites and with others such as Dan Whitney and Craig's Kites. Lori said she would make up a flyer with our schedule of events for this purpose. Darrin thought that all BASKL board members should carry schedules with them as well.
Darrrin asked if we were going to set a rain date if the weather is too extreme. It was decided that if we schedule an event we as a board better be there if only to tell anyone who comes that we are canceling or postponing the event.
Chuck again thanked Brian and Kobi for their efforts on the judging seminar. Thanks also to Michael and Deanna for securing the building and Tracy for taking care of refreshments. Chuck did a great job with limited time demonstrating his Kitefest program to those of us who wanted to learn.

 Festivals - Kobi did a great job compiling the results of the questionnaire taken at the judging seminar. One thing many people wanted more of was live "shadow" judging practice. He has volunteered to do a brief synopsis of the seminar followed by some organized shadow judging for those who would like to be involved at our first event in Berkeley. It will be a great follow-up to the seminar.
Kobi also said he would poll the flyers on the question of heats in larger events such as The West Coast Championships in July. The new directory would be a great help.

 Rules and Scoring - Tracy and Jeff have done a great deal of working producing our promo commercial. She will be placing it at KBHK as long as there is something for those who call in looking for more information.

Lee Thrall will be helping Tracy with scoring at our events this season and will take over when Tracy cannot be there. Big thanks to Lee.
Field - Tom asked if there was anything that needed to be done to have all the field set-up equipment ready for the first event. Brian suggested we may need to remove the colored tape and replace it. Everything else should be set to go.

 Old Business - none

 New Business
The question was posed - should the BASKL board meeting minutes be made available to the membership?

 A motion was made to put the BASKL board meeting minutes on the web page after the minutes are approved by the board. The motion was seconded by Kobi. There was discussion about how to do this. Should we put it all on the web page or just make the minutes available on request. Chuck made a motion to close discussion. Lori seconded the motion. The motion was passed.

 Next item of new business was - Are we ready for the first event in Berkeley? The only thing left to complete are the score sheets. Brian and Kobi would decide if Quadline Precision would be league-style or standard and get that to Lori to finish the proper forms by Wednesday. At our last meeting a motion was made and passed that we pay a $25 fee per event to the AKA in addition to our chapter affiliation fee of $25. Since that time the AKA has doubled the event fees to $50 per event. As of yet we have not paid these fees.

 Chuck made a motion that we rescind our decision to pay the $25 fee per event in addition to our charter affiliation fee of $25. There was no second.
Darrin moved that we go ahead and pay the fees as previously passed - totaling $125. There was no second.
There was some discussion about what we were doing. If it was morally the right thing to do to pay the $25 fee per event before the amount was increased, shouldn't it still be the moral decision now that those fees were doubled. Chuck again moved that we rescind our previous decision to pay the $25 fee per event above the cost of Charter affiliation. Lori seconded the motion. The motion passed.
Lori made a motion that we pay $50 per event to the AKA in addition to our charter affiliation fees. Chuck seconded. The motion passed. Kobi said he would write a letter to the AKA explaining why we were making a donation of $200 on top of our charter affiliation fees because we felt we were event organizers more than a club having a regularly scheduled fly and should therefore pay the fee to the AKA for sanctioning.
Indoor Competition - Darrin brought up an idea he had tossed around for some time that we might consider doing some indoor competitions at shopping malls. It would take some time and effort but after the fly in Chico he felt we might have enough interest. We decided a sign-up at the next event to see who would like to take part in some indoor competitions at shopping malls would be the first step. Tracy volunteered to look into contacting malls pending interest from our sign-up.

 The idea of including quadline events in the total scores used to calculate an individual Grand Champion for the season was discussed. Some members liked the idea. We thought it would definitely get more people to fly quadline events. It would definitely give a big advantage to those who fly quadline in becoming the Grand Champion. That would mean spending more money on quadline kites for those who do not already own one. The board felt that for this season it should not be done.

 Zoe moved to adjourn the meeting. Chuck seconded it. Meeting adjourned.

 November 15, l997

Members in attendance:
Chuck Sigal
Darrin Skinner
Tom McAlister
Tracy Erzin
Brian Champie
Zoe Salloom
Lori Morrison

Not in atendance: Michael Weingand

 Meeting at Marriott in Berkeley and called to order at 10:00 am by Chuck Sigal. First order of business was discussion of a change in board positions. Lori would become Secretary, Brian would move to Event, leaving Festivals vacant after Dan stepped down. Changes were accepted and approved.

 Minutes of last meeting were read and approved.

 Committee Reports
President - Chuck has been pursuing FAA approval for holding an event at Martin Luther King Park in Oakland. He found that the FAA doesn't know what they are doing, they don't know their regulations. It may only be a matter of filing a flight plan. The project to secure permits to hold buggy events at Alameda Naval Air Station is too much for Chuck at this time. He asked if anyone would like to take that on. It was suggested that maybe someone who is primarily a buggy person may want to take up the project, perhaps Kevin Leahy. The idea was tabled until we have more interest.
Chuck had filed our application for affiliation with the AKA as a chapter. Events must be submitted soon. Darrin moved that we pay the $25 sanctioning fee for each of our sport kiting events even though we are not required to do so. The motion was seconded by Tom and passed by the board.

 Vice President - Darrin is in the process of moving. Has not had time to look into cost of a new trailer. He will have space in his new yard for the trailer. Tom
suggested a place in Gilroy that sells trailers at reasonable prices. Zoe offered to keep her eyes open for a trailer. In her area they often come up at exceptional prices. This discussion brought on concern about what we need and how to spend our money.

 Chuck is donating a computer to BASKL this year. Thank you, thank you!
Brian suggested that we have a trailer but we do not have a generator. He said he could probably repair the trailer for another season. We set priorities for our needs as: first, a generator; second, walkie talkies; and third, a new trailer Darrin pointed out that a larger trailer would require a larger vehicle to pull it and possibly space for storage. It was suggested that we need a real dollar amount of what we have in funds before we go on. Darrin approximates $980 in bank account and $2000 in petty cash. We decided to leave discussion of expenditures to e-mail for now.

 Secretary - Lori asked would a BASKL directory be helpful. Someone suggested that an electronic format, perhaps on Word, can be printed on demand and faxed out to all board members or even sent on e-mail.
She is interested in putting together a packet for interested newcomers. Any input on that would be appreciated.

 Planning - Zoe has worked hard on putting together the schedule. It will be at this time, Berkeley in March. Baylands in April. They are tightening down of these things but has rented us the picnic area for $65. We need to wait to call until January. Martin Luther King Park in May or June depending on the timing of Martinez. Tom got a call from the Martinez Chamber of Commerce for help with a kite festival. He gave Michael's number to her and will also give it to Zoe. She has the contract for MLK Park. She needs proof of insurance from Mel. She is moving ahead with dates and sanctioning and will e-mail a list of events and dates for approval.

 Event - Brian was to look into generators. He asked what our needs are for the generator. A minimum of two separately fused 15 amp circuits. It was suggested he contact John Gabby on what he has. Darrin suggested the generator have some way of checking the fuel without having to open it. That has been a problem in the past. Brian said we can put a gauge on it. Chuck suggested that we purchase a generator with a large enough gas tank to go all day. Tom made a motion for the board to approve up to $400 for an expenditure on a generator. Zoe seconded and the motion was passed. Brian can purchase a generator when he finds one that meets our requirements.

 Brian is hosting the NCKC Christmas Party at Round Table Pizza in Dublin on December 6. Darrin also announced his Christmas party would be December 13.

 Rules and Scoring - Tracy has it under complete control. Great job!

 Festivals - Zoe is planning her Chico/Oroville festival. She asked if arrangements could be made for use of the BASKL sound system. It was approved if there were something such as a raffle booth in exchange.

 Field Set-up - Tom asked for someone to be in charge of take down for him because he would not be able to stay for that. Everyone seemed to think that take down shouldn't be a problem. We have good participation from the flyers.

 Old Business
Chuck would have all outstanding '97 trophies in his possession at the end of this meeting.

New Board Member
The Board considered three people to fill the position of Festivals vacated by Dan Whitney: Susan Skinner, Tia Williams, and Kobi Eshun. The board voted to appoint Kobi Eshun to fill the vacancy.
Darrin suggested we extend an invitation to Tia to attend board meetings and report on progress with sponsorship. She needs some aggressive guidance in start up. Right now she is a standing committee of one under Michael on Ways and Means.

 New Business
KiteFest training for the Board. It was suggested we pick a date via e-mail.
It was felt that more than one person should know how to operate the program in case Tracy was unavailable. Tracy pointed out that only one person should do the actual entry or things get confused.
Judging Seminar - It was felt that last year's seminar was a success and needs to be continued. There is no one else on the West coast doing it. The question was asked should we bring in someone from outside. We feel that by doing it we earn credibility on our own. IT was suggested to perhaps hold a seminar in conjunction with the Berkeley Kite Festival. That was a good idea but BASKL needs one before the season starts, like in late February. Zoe moved we have a judging seminar. Lori seconded.
Brian will set it up TBA on e-mail.
Tom was contacted by the city of Mendocino about putting o a kite festival. He asked if we would like to help and how involved do we want to get. The idea was received favorably.

 Meeting adjourned

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